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Mars Electric Lighting The World

Lighting the world

Mars Electric is an organization working to provide the best experience to its customers in the field of lighting products like LED bulb, tube light, etc. Here we have an exclusive range of LED products at affordable prices.

High efficiency

The primary benefit of LED products is that they are more efficient and all products manufactured by Mars Electric require low power consumption.

Long life

The LED products manufactured by Mars Electric, are last longer because we use raw material of the best quality.

Environment friendly

All products manufactured by Mars Electric, are eco friendly as our LED products contain no mercury or lead, preventing its bad impact on environment.

Safer materials

Mars Electric manufactures its LED products from impact resistant plastic which makes them much safer for everybody who uses them.

Mission of Mars Electric
Our Mission

Mars Electric is on a mission to solve all the problems of consumers related to LED products like cost, quality and durability issues with its exclusive range of LED products in a budget friendly way.

Plan of Mars Electric
Our Plan

Mars Electric is working with a plan to manufacture cost effective, high performance, power efficient, durable and eco friendly LED products within your budget.

Vision of Mars Electric
Our Vision

Our vision is to be the most customer satisfying company in India. Mars Electric focuses on manufacturing cost effective, power efficient, quality, eco friendly LED products.

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Believe once on Mars Electric to glow your home with our budget friendly products and
you will never find darkness in your home.

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As a lighting solution company, Mars Electric is a manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler, and also a retailer of its budget friendly high quality LED products.


The expert designers and engineers of Mars Electric manufacture a wide range of LED bulbs and other LED products that brighten up your dream home for years.


Mars Electric, as a distributor distributes its products in bulk to agencies, electronics and general shops all over the state.


Mars Electric supply its LED bulbs and other LED products to retailers in every city all over Uttar Pradesh.


Mars Electrics, as a retailer also sells its LED bulbs and other LED products direct to customers in a budget friendly way.



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  • LED Bulb
  • Concealed Light
  • T Bulb
  • Panel Light
  • Tube Lights


Mars Electric has a wide range of LED products. We produce high quality lighting products like LED Bulb, Concealed Light, Panel Light, T Bulb, V Bulb, AC DC Bulb, Tube lights, etc. Our products are budget friendly, power efficient, long lasting,well designed and stylish in appearance.

Our most demanded and popular LED products are...

LED Bulb

  • Power efficient
  • High brightness
  • Wide range

Panel Light

  • Stylish Appearance
  • Power efficient
  • High brightness

Tube Light

  • Wide range
  • Power efficient
  • High brightness
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